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Chapter One

Synopsis and Excerpt

My French Husband

Illustration by Jeannie Winston

My French Husband opens with a plaintive Help! My husband is French! The author tells readers that Pierre Bonsoirno is not her husband's real name. She introduces Jackson, an American character and close musician friend, who gave Pierre his name by using it whenever Pierre behaved in an obnoxiously French way. "Jackson looks like the long, skinny character named Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas — just add neck-to-ankle tattoos, always impeccably polished-red toenails, piercings everywhere but in his hair, which is spikey, purple, striped, twisted, braided or shaved off depending on the month." This chapter also gives some history on the couple, their Caribbean art gallery, financial situation, and other personal details of their lives. Jackson pops up again and again throughout the book.

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