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Chapter Three

Synopsis and Excerpt

I Married Indiana Jones

Illustration by Jeannie Winston

I Married Indiana Jones takes readers back to when the couple first met, and when the author discovers who Pierre really is. In the domestic department: "...he is not a human but a gorilla, who should be living in the wild jungles of Africa along with the rhinos and lions...." The adventurer: "...Suddenly, we hear a sound that is a damned good imitation of a rattlesnake. Pierre swiftly comes to my side and makes a motion for me to stop. After scaring the hell out of me by rattling away at us like a vicious baby for five minutes, the snake finally slides back into the bushes, and Pierre fills the next 45 minutes with little-known facts about snakes...." His fashion preferences: "...He does have a few neck ties hanging in his closet, but they mostly get used as makeshift leashes to walk the dog...." And his relentless nature: "'So, don't you think we should get married?' he says one day. 'Why?' I ask for the fiftieth time...." Readers also meet some of Pierre's friends, including Jean-Luc the perv.

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