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Chapter Four

Synopsis and Excerpt

We Be French Stylin'

Illustration by Jeannie Winston

We Be French Stylin' covers the way the French differ so drastically from Americans in the lifestyle department. The way they couldn't care less about being liked; how they won't smile at a new acquaintance without a reason; the way they love to argue fine points, even if it causes public discomfort; their obsession with education; their passion for leisure time and quality of life; the way they dress; their sense of style — especially when it comes to lingerie; their formality; their civil and nationalistic pride (or propensity to go out into the streets in protest at the drop of a hat). These are illustrated through comical stories, such as when Pierre's half-American young cousin comes to stay with the couple for an extended period of time: "...Even though the kid is the hell we spread on our toast in the morning and the stress we cover our bodies with at night, I still feel sorry for him as I watch Pierre — former juvenile delinquent — take Michael under his wing. Having been raised American style, nothing can prepare our guest for Parenting the French Way, now showing in 3D and surround-sound at a theater all around him...."

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